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NEC Article 250-Electrical Circuit Safety - Role of Grounding - Proper Conductor Sizing - Journeyman Certification Class / OCILB License Recertification Class - 2 Hrs Code
Class will cover the processes and safety of Electrical Circuits and the Role of Grounding.
Start Date December 19, 2017 Start Time 5:00 PM
End Date December 19, 2017 End Time 7:00 PM
Location AEC-IEC Chapter Office
Good for   2 credit hours of Code
->   Ohio Electrical Contractor

OSHA 30 -= Jan, Feb, March 2018 - Dates to be Determined
Start Date January 19, 2018 Start Time 4:30 PM
End Date March 24, 2018 End Time 8:30 PM
Location AEC-IEC Chapter Office
Good for   0 credit hours of Safety